Noel Brohner from Slow Rise Pizza to Appear as a Guest Pizza Chef on Season 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

Last night the season premiere of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars premiered on Fox. If you weren’t able to watch in real time, worry not. The show will be available to stream beginning tonight on Hulu – same format for coming weeks!

There isn’t a lot I can say at this point about what I did or said in my episode since I signed a very serious NDA, so I’ll do my best to just add a few minor details and let the show speak for itself.

I got a call from a big talent agent asking if I’d be interested in appearing in the capacity of a pizza consultant / pizza chef on a new Gordon Ramsay reality show? All I knew is that there was a “famous” pizza person involved and I would have to help them with their New York pizza. That’s about it. It was Monday and we were shooting on Friday. After a few telephone calls and emails, I agreed to do the appearance.

To make sure everything ran smoothly, I called a pizza friend, Ines Barlerin from Lupacotta, to be my sous chef for the shoot. We spent only one day on set shooting and were given very little time to prepare.

Lots more information to come but make sure to tune in and check out the show and I’ll be sure let you know when my episode is going to air via my Instagram feed.

Here are a few helpful links in case you’re interested in catching up or learning more…

YouTube – First Look

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars S1 E1 Seaside Shack

And here’s some of the 411 from Decider: “Gordon Ramsay knows what it takes to run a successful, global food-related company, and that business savvy is the basis for his new Fox show Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. On the new series…15 competitors compete in 10 challenges to see who will ultimately win a cash prize from Ramsay that will help them expand their existing food-related business. With an emphasis on business rather than cooking…

The Gist: Fifteen entrepreneurs who have created a food-related business, be it an actual restaurant, an app, or another kind of physical product, are competing for Daddy Gordon’s love, er, I mean, to impress Chef Ramsay with their business acumen in order to earn his money, which will be invested into their burgeoning business…”