Artisan Pizza and Bread Specialist, Noel Brohner, Shares His Expertise through Virtual Pizza Classes, Private Events and Professional Pizza Consulting.

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What We Do

Noel Teaches His Students the Exact Same Things He Teaches Professional Chefs:

How to Achieve the Highest Possible Quality and Consistency Using Traditional Artisan Bread and Pizza Recipes and Techniques.

Live Zoom
Pizza Classes

Our highly coveted live classes offer great insight into the professional world of artisan pizza and bread-making. Intended for everyone from beginners to advanced hobbyists to experienced chefs and everything in between, Noel provides fun, interactive and extremely educational classes for all levels.  

Our #ZoomPizzaClasses usually sell out in advance, so we advise you not to wait!

Video On-Demand
Pizza Classes

With the high demand for live classes, we’ve set up a program so you can still get the recipes and techniques that Noel and his team provide – at any time you choose.

We have selected our favorite live class from each level and are now sharing them for one month at a time via Video On-Demand.


Private Team
Building Classes

Holiday Parties, Team Building Events, Pan Pizza Classes, Dessert Pizza Classes, Sourdough Classes, Focaccia Classes, Vegan Pizza Classes and even Gluten-Free? Yes, yes, yes…and more!

Pizza is more than a meal.  It’s a way of sharing, caring and having lots of fun. We can help you custom design the class for you and your family, you and your office, you and your friends. Tell us your pizza dreams and we’ll help you make them come true.


Back in the day (pre-COVID, not so long ago) Noel traveled the world making pizza dreams come true. But now, Noel has gone VIRTUAL ONLY with his consulting services.

Noel can accommodate any pizza or bread-making project. Please email us to discuss your project and we’ll let you know our availability and rates.

*Noel is only offering virtual  consulting until further notice.

Live Zoom Pizza Class Levels

Beginner - Pizza 101 - $100

Whether you are new to pizza-making or an experienced chef, Noel suggests that you begin with this class.

To fully understand the craft of pizza making, he starts with the fundamentals – gluten development, basic fermentation techniques and learning to understand TIME, one of the two “secret ingredients” that most people forget about.

You will mix the dough by hand and learn how to ferment, shape, stretch, top, and bake.

Noel breaks this class up into two short sessions.  

Intermediate - Deep Dive - $150

In this three-hour seminar, Noel concentrates on TEMPERATURE and the “secret technique” of using it to measure and control fermentation… and therefore quality and consistency.  We go even deeper through the topics we only have time to touch upon in our beginner class: flour types, yeast types, ingredient purposes, desired dough temperatures, friction factor, mixing styles, autolyse techniques, bulk fermentation strategies, alternative stretch & fold techniques, mass effect, etc.

Advanced - Expert Seminar - $200

In the class Noel focuses on both TIME AND TEMPERATURE and outlines his favorite bread and pizza recipes and techniques to allow you to both extend your fermentation and improve overall quality and consistency.

We’ll prepare you for high hydration doughs and teach you the same strategies we teach professional chefs including hyper-mixing, extreme temperature control and going long on fermentation.  

Slow Rise Pizza - Beginner Class Montage
Learning to Shape Pizza Dough Balls Takes Time and Patience.
We'll Show You All of Our Favorite Techniques
Slow Rise Pizza - Pizza Classes at Surfas
The Neapolitan Slap & Stretch Is Just One of the Techniques
We Learn During Beginner Pizza 101
Slow Rise Pizza - Intensive Mix
Noel Teaches His Students All the Things
He Wishes Somebody Had Taught Him
When He Was Starting Out.
Slow Rise Pizza - Advanced Class
Advanced Class High Hydration Dough: Go High or Go Home!
Slow Rise Pizza - Live Zoom Pizza Classes
GIFT-A-CLASS and Attend a Virtual Pizza Class with Your Family


Use Discount/Gift Code SLOWRISE10 and get 10% off on Gift a Class or Video On-Demand Classes!

What People Are Saying

  • Thank you so much for the best birthday present ever! It was so great to finally meet Noel after years of following him on Instagram and drooling over his posts! I keep telling everyone how I sent Noel a fan email with pizza questions a few years back (2014!) and his answer started my journey to my perfect pizza.

    Thank you for the super fun 5 hours we spent together on the beginners class! The collaboration between Justin and Noel is a genius move! You guys found the perfect balance that kept me 100% focused through the entire class.


    November 2020
  • Can’t say enough good things about these classes. The attention to detail is great. Every step is explained so you know why you are doing it, and if you still don’t know you can send a message thru the chat. Questions are addressed & you never feel like a dummy for asking. The cohesiveness is my favorite part. Thanks again Slow Rise! Would recommend to 12 out of 10 people.


    November 2020
  • The amount of knowledge that came out of the beginner class blew me away. It really created a great foundation for creating great dough and great pizza. Noel and Justin really kept the class not only educational, but really fun. 5 hours on zoom honestly flew by, and I can’t wait to take more classes soon.


    November 2020
  • I have taken several Slow Rise Pizza Zoom classes and have enjoyed all of them. Noel has an extensive knowledge of all things pizza, focaccia, bread and is a fabulous teacher. These classes will definitely up your pizza game.


    October 2020
  • This class was awesome. Even though the class is designed for beginners, I think pizza makers at all levels could benefit from taking this course. 


    October 2020
  • Truly a fantastic class. So much knowledge communicated in a very comprehensible way. Highly recommend this class.


    October 2020
  • After a wonderful journey through all three courses, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced, I know I am better for it. The instruction was entertaining and in-depth with examples and reassurance.

    These classes are a must for the home cook, pizza hobbyist, pro cooks, and those looking to start a new journey. The topics covered will completely meet your expectations. The Intermediate and Advanced classes are so content-rich, you should take them more than once.


    September 2020
  • Who knew demystifying the pizza process could be this much fun?! Noel and Justin are just the right mix of good times and hard work leaving me with everything I need to better my pizza game while remembering what got me into it in the first place.


    September 2020
  • I have all the books and “bibles” on pizza and I can confidently say that as an intermediate baker… I have never taken more notes. There’s a saying that the wisest investment is wisdom, and Noel’s Slow Rise classes are full of it. I can’t wait to dig into the advanced classes next!


    September 2020
  • Great class with a ton of knowledge and helpful advice on advancing bread/pizza knowledge. Noel’s great at explaining things fully and easily, and answers everyone’s questions. Can’t recommend the class enough!


    September 2020
  • Noel is a pizza God. He is all-knowing, and I find myself praying to him before I go to sleep. Before taking a class with Slow Rise Pizza, I was your average pizza snob. Since the class, I’ve become absolutely insufferable. And my friends can’t complain or they won’t get a slice. Honestly, this class has been invaluable. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know, how much I’ve improved, and I truly can’t believe how many more photos I’ve taken of my pizza than of my new born son. I couldn’t recommend Slow Rise Pizza more highly.


    August 2020
  • This was a wonderful experience. I’m a home baker, but also with some professional cooking, baking, and food science experience, and I got a lot out of the class and my conversations with Noel. Skills in the class ranged from beginner to advanced, but everyone seemed to get something out of the course.  Would happily take the class again to learn more.


    MARCH 2020
  • Cannot say enough great things about this experience! Noel was incredibly knowledgeable and taught us in a way that was easy to understand but also not a “short cut” – really delved into the ins and outs and time that needs to go into a good dough. Left with the skills and recipes to make some bomb za at home! Highly recommend (and great for all ages).


    March 2020
  • This was a great class! I have been in the restaurant business for the majority of my life and have been an avid pizza and bread maker, mostly self taught. There were always questions I had but never felt answered by watching Youtube videos or research. I had a million questions and Noel answered them all. Got some in depth knowledge that upped by bread and pizza game.


    February 2020
  • Noel is clearly passionate about pizza AND he’s a really great teacher (expect funny anecdotes, lots of interaction, and a willingness to answer questions). Our class ranged from people with no baking experience (me) to professional chefs, and it was perfectly suited to all levels. In addition to learning how to make different types of dough, we got to make and eat our own pizza. It was the perfect ending to a great class.


    February 2020
  • Got this experience as a gift for my husband for Christmas who isn’t very confident… in the kitchen. It was amazing to see him really enjoying the math and science of making dough and his excitement and pride at making pizza at home as well.


    January 2020
  • This blew away my expectations and was well worth the cost. I was a little apprehensive about the price, but this is way beyond the depth of usual cooking classes. Noel explained the math and a little bit of the science behind mixing dough, and I walked away learning a lot of new concepts and a better appreciation of pizza making


    January 2020
  • Noel’s classes have really upped my pizza game. There’s no one more knowledgeable and helpful about pizza making. He really cares about his students!


    November 2020

Pizza Consulting

Pre-soft opening days at Bestia with Executive Chef Ori Menashe and Pizzaiolo Mike Priore. First pizza out of the oven that made Chef Ori smile.  I’ll never forget it!  In many ways, this was the assignment that launched my consulting career.  I made pretty much every batch of pizza and bread dough for the first three months that Bestia was in existence.

Staff training during soft opening at Flour + Water Pizzeria in San Francisco.  Chef Thomas McNaughton wanted a cross between the Cal-Neapolitan they were serving at Flour + Water OG and the New York style pizza he grew up with in New Jersey.  I call this New York 2.0 but you can just call it delicious!

Working with Executive Chefs at Google to get their multiple in-house pizza programs in line and on point. You would not believe how many employees Google feeds per day around the world. And guess how many of them are asking for better pizza? ALL OF THEM!

Restaurant Consulting Services

Concept Development

Recipe Development

On-Site Training

Dough Doctoring

Our Clients

These are just a few of our clients.

Noel Brohner

Noel’s life revolves around pizza. Not eating pizza – perfecting it.

While being an APN USA Certified Pizzaiolo, and a 30+ year restaurant veteran, Noel has become the “Professor of Pizza” in the highly-esteemed culinary community. His expertise with different styles and his uncanny ability to fine-tune even the most renowned artisan pizza and bread programs have made him the “go-to” pizza guy for some of the country’s best chefs, including Evan Funke (Felix), Tom McNaughton (Flour + Water) and Chad Colby (Antico). Chef Ori Menashe (Bestia) calls Noel a “mad scientist.” 

Noel loves helping the culinary elite perfect their pies, but when the industry took a pause in March he discovered another way to spread the gospel of great pizza – by teaching pizza lovers, dedicated home bakers and aspiring professionals how to take their artisan bread and pizza-making skills to the next level. Building off his famously intensive in-person courses, Noel’s online pizza curriculum (through SlowRisePizza’s instagram) has gained a cult-like following through sold-out zoom classes and recently launched videos on demand.

Slow Rise Pizza - Evan Funke - Pop-Up - Pre-Felix
Noel and Chef Evan Funke at their Pre-Felix Porchetta Pop-Up at Smorgasburg LA
Slow Rise Pizza Advanced Class
Noel Loves Going Long on Fermentation and High on Hydration
Slow Rise Pizza - Fermentation Model
The Only "Secret Ingredients" Are Time and Temperature
pizza crust from the side
High Hydration House Bread at Principale in Kuwait City.

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