Noel bases his teaching philosophy and curriculum around three basic styles or Mother Doughs. Noel’s theory is that, if you can learn to make these three doughs properly, you will be set up to make pretty much any pizza or bread dough on the planet. No kidding!

  • The Neapolitan Pizza – the grandmother of all pizza styles. The mixing style is called “hand mix” or “short mix.” The quintessential version of this pizza is the Margherita. (Beginner Class)
  • The New York Pizza – is the mother of all contemporary pizzas. The mixing style is called the “improved mix.” The quintessential version of this pizza is the Pepperoni. (Intermediate Class)
  • The Roman Pizza – is the reigning queen of modern pizza. The mixing style is called the “intensive mix” or “hyper mix.” The quintessential version of this “pizza bianca” is the Olive Oil, Rosemary & Sea Salt. (Advanced Class)
We offer a variety of Live Classes every week, including a range of topics and levels. Visit our Calendar to see the complete schedule and sign up.

Live Zoom pizza classes happen- you guessed it- live through Zoom and are offered at specific times and dates. You must register in advance for these classes. Video On-Demand (VOD) pizza classes are pre-recorded so you can view them at your convenience as many times as you’d like for THIRTY DAYS FROM THE TIME OF PURCHASE.  

Either way, both the Live Zoom and VOD classes cover the same general materials. If you sign up for a Live Zoom class you do not automatically receive the on demand classes!

Technically, yes. But if you have a special request or require an extension, please email us immediately and we will find a way to make it work.

Yes and NO…

YES: You can sign up for more than one class at a time BUT ONLY IF YOU USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL ADDRESS FOR EACH REGISTRATION.  

NO: Not if you use the same email address.  If you try to use the same email address, you will void your first class and only have access to your second class.  See the problem? 

I apologize for this inconvenience but I found out too late that this anomaly is built in to the software.  Thanks for understanding.  


Each one of these classes lays a general foundation for a different pizza style, mixing style and overall topic or theme:

  • Beginner 1
  • Intermediate 1
  • Advanced 1

All Part 1 classes are currently available Live AND On-Demand. 


Noel is now launching a new generation of Live Part 2 classes.

  • Intermediate 2
  • Advanced 2

Each one of these classes lays a more specific foundation for a different pizza style including ingredient choices, mixing, fermenting, baking, pre-ferments, etc. Some examples include Neapolitan Pizza 2.0, Next Level New York Pizza and Focaccia Genovese, what Noel refers to as #ZoomPizzaCollabs which he teaches with other pizza makers, artisan bread bakers, and chefs from around the world. 

It’s your life, so you’re free to do as you’d like! However, our suggestion is to follow the order of the classes and take Intermediate 1 before Intermediate 2.


The reason is that, in advance of both Intermediate 2 and Advanced 2 classes, you are asked to mix a batch of dough on your own so we can all make pizza together during the class as a group. If you don’t have Intermediate or Advanced skills in dough making before taking a Part 2 class, it might be difficult for you to successfully mix on your own.

The Part 1 classes offer more general and fundamental while Part 2 classes offer more of a deep dive into specific dough making recipes, techniques and traditional artisan practices. 

All Part 1 classes are currently available via Live Classes and On-Demand. All Part 2 classes are currently available as Live classes, with On-Demand coming soon.

Absolutely. Noel believes it’s essential to learn to mix with your hands so, at least for the Beginner Classes, hand mixing is the way we do it. It’s better to have a mixer for the Intermediate classes, but not essential. For Advanced Pizza and Bread classes, it’s not required but VERY highly recommended in order to make the most of the class.

Yes, of course, if you have plenty of hands-on pizza experience already.  But please be aware that Noel’s pizza curriculum is very specific and begins with the fundamentals of artisan pizza and bread making – time and temperature. Understanding TIME is the one of the main goals of the Beginner class; and the main goal of Intermediate is learning to understand and control TEMPERATURE.  

That said, you should probably take the Intermediate 1 class before you take any of the Intermediate 2 or Advanced 1 or 2 classes.  Intermediate 1 brings time and temperature together so that you can begin to understand and better control both fermentation and gluten development.  

Most people say that Noel’s Intermediate 1 is like other people’s Advanced classes.

Yes, of course, if you have plenty of hands-on pizza experience already AND knowledge of artisan baking recipes, techniques, and a good grasp of gluten development and basic fermentation practices.  

Please be aware that Noel’s pizza curriculum is very specific and somewhat traditional in that it begins with the fundamentals of artisan pizza and bread making – time and temperature.  

We suggest you take the Intermediate 1 class before taking any of the Intermediate 2 or Advanced 1 or 2 classes.

The beauty of Noel’s pizza philosophy and practice is that you can use pretty much ANY OVEN. Whatever you have, he’ll help you make the best pizza possible.

Absolutely. Depending on what you’d like to accomplish and your budget. Beginner 1 or Intermediate 1 Pizza classes are great for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills within the craft of pizza making. 

If you are looking for something more intensive or custom, and/or if you’re a professional or an aspiring professional, please email us and we’ll advise you what your next steps should be.

Noel offers a variety of pizza classes and services. He is happy to custom design the course of action just right for your goals and budget!

We sure do! Email us here with some information about what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you with options, availability and pricing.

For pre-class questions, try him at the following address  For post-class questions, please sign up for his Free Weekly “Office Hours” ever Monday from 5-6pm PST.  You can find the schedule in his Calendar Section.  Noel gets a lot of post-class questions and, though he would like to answer all of them, he can no longer keep up. The increased demand has caused him to switch to these Free Weekly “Office Hours” Webinars to solve this problem. Please register in advance.  Occupancy is limited.

Noel Brohner is the founder of Slow Rise Pizza. He is an APN USA Certified Pizzaiolo and a 30+ year restaurant veteran. Noel has become known as the “Professor of Pizza” in the highly-regarded international culinary community of artisan pizza and bread makers.

His expertise with a wide variety of pizza styles and his uncanny ability to fine-tune even the most renowned artisan pizza AND bread programs has made him the go-to pizza guy for some of the country’s best chefs, including Ori Menashe (Bestia), Evan Funke (Felix), Tom McNaughton (Flour + Water) and Chad Colby (Antico). Chef Ori has called Noel a “mad scientist.” Learn more about Noel here.