DEEP DIVE Online Pizza Class – Intermediate Level 1


Our Intermediate classes are like most people’s Advanced classes.


*Slow Rise Pizza On-Demand courses may be viewed as many times as you’d like for 60 days, starting from the time you sign up.*

DEEP-DIVE THREE HOUR PLUS ONLINE PIZZA CLASS / INTERMEDIATE LEVEL 1 SEMINAR: Our Intermediate classes are like most people’s Advanced classes. But don’t worry, we take our time and walk you through lots of topics we only have to time to touch upon in our Beginner classes.

If you have been making pizza at home or professionally and are looking to get to the next level, Noel suggests you begin with this class. We also recommend this class as a pre-requisite for Intermediate 2 and Advanced 1 & 2 classes. In this four-hour seminar, Noel concentrates on TEMPERATURE and the “secret technique” of using it to measure and control fermentation… and therefore quality and consistency. Students are expected to have an understanding of how to stretch, top, and bake a pizza. As a result, instead of making pizza during class, we go on an even deeper dive into the process, covering topics we only have time to touch upon in our beginner class: flour types, yeast types, ingredient purposes, desired dough temperatures, friction factor, mixing styles, autolyse techniques, bulk fermentation strategies, alternative stretch & fold techniques, mass effect, etc.

No pizza or bread is baked in this Level 1 class. We assume that everyone attending an intermediate pizza class already knows how to bake pizza pretty well. Instead, we do a deep dive on artisan dough making, gluten development and traditional fermentation techniques. If you want to bake with us as well, but feel to advanced fo the Beginner Level 1 online pizza class, please check out the Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 2 classes…

For this class, we require a scale and a thermometer; we strongly suggest a stand mixer if you want to mix with the rest of the class.

***Thanks to all of my students who have provided many of the photos you see above, a true testament to the pizza gospel we preach.***


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