Advanced Level 2: Sourdough NY & Grandma-Style in a Professional Electric Deck Oven Online Pizza Class

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On-Demand SOURDOUGH NY & GRANDMA PIZZA Class with Scott Rivera from Scottie’s Pizza Parlor – Advanced Level 2


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On-Demand Artisan New York and Grandma-Style Pizza Class with Scott Rivera from Scottie’s Pizza Parlor – Advanced Level 2

In this advanced, online pizza making class Scott Rivera from Scottie’s Pizza Parlor joins Noel from Portland, the city recently crowned the ‘Best Pizza City in the United States.’ The class covers Rivera’s unique approach to sourdough New York pizza, blending traditional and innovative techniques. 

Portland was recently named “Best Pizza City in the United States” in the epic pizza tome, MODERNIST PIZZA, and Scott Rivera’s was proclaimed their, “favorite New York-style slice from across the country.”

Join us for an unparalleled experience in pizza crafting, where the essence of New York’s iconic pizzerias meets the innovation of Portland’s pizza scene. Perfect for serious home bakers and aspiring pizzaioli, this class not only covers the classics like Margarita and Mushroom pies but also includes unique offerings like Spicy Fennel Sausage and Garlic Oil recipes. 

In this On-Demand, Advanced pizza making class, we will explore artisan pizza with the king of Portland New York-style pizza—Scott Rivera. Scott will machine mix, ferment, shape, divide, ball, stretch, top, and bake his acclaimed New York pizza in a variety of techniques and styles.

This class will require a viable sourdough starter and we recommend that you feed it four days in advance of beginning the class. On the second day, you will make your dough, and it will slowly ferment until class time. We will machine mix, ferment, shape, divide, ball, stretch, top, bake, and focus on the following recipes, techniques and concepts:

  • 16” Square Grandma Pizza 
  • 18” New York Pizza 
  • Signature Cheese Pie (a.k.a. The #1)
  • Vodka-Sausage Pie
  • Grandma Pie (a.k.a. DeFino)
  • Spicy Fennel Sausage Recipe
  • Garlic Oil Recipe
  • Caesar Salad Recipe

If you plan to prepare Grandma pizza with us, we recommend that you use the same pans that Scott uses – 16X16 Inch Grandma Pizza Pan by Lloyd Pans – though any pan will work.  We’ll also send you additional notes including instructions for narrowing down the list of pans to find the one that will work for you and your oven.

Scott’s approach to pizza, notably his acclaimed New York-style pizza with a sourdough twist, has been lauded in the pizza bible, MODERNIST PIZZA. Scott’s method involves a proprietary baking process that ensures a crispy crust every time, setting his pizza apart.

From the Book:

The throwback term ‘pizza parlor’ makes sense here. Scottie’s is old-fashioned in ways that feel good, yet manages to skip any old fashioned stuff that’s tired.

Scottie Rivera was born in Brooklyn and, though he left New York as a kid, he really missed the corner pizzerias. He became obsessed, studying pizza books, blogs, and videos, and inching ever closer to what he considered the perfect pizza. We call it New York-style, but it has Rivera’s spin. The dough is made with levain (sourdough) which is unusual for that style. He sells both slices and whole pizzas that are baked using a proprietary process that drives off excess moisture, leaving the pizza just the right amount of crispy.  

Rivera’s enthusiasm for pizza is as genuine as it is infectious, and he served us what turned out to be our favorite New York-style slice from across the country.

If you want to get an idea of what’s going on in Portland right now, check out Apizza Scholls, Ken’s Artisan Pizza, and Lovely’s Fifty Fifty

SCOTTIE’S Pizza Parlor  | | @scottiespizzaparlor |  2128 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

Noel Brohner is a Los Angeles based pizza consultant who offers both Live Zoom and Video On-Demand online pizza classes for professionals and home bakers alike. These online pizza classes will allow you to progress to Neapolitan, New York Pizza, Detroit-Style Pizza, and even Sourdough and high hydration pizzas.

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Suggested Pizza Class Prerequisites: Intermediate Level 1 & Advanced Level 1

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2 reviews for Advanced Level 2: Sourdough NY & Grandma-Style in a Professional Electric Deck Oven Online Pizza Class

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    I have a small Italian Pizza Group oven that I use for pizzas in my basement and this class was exactly what I needed. After 12 years of at home pizza making and struggling with only-half-the-information books, this class was a game changer!! Now I am able to use my oven at 700° and acheive that spectacular char you see in Scotts pizzas. This is the 4th class I’ve taken from Slow Rise and I will continue. These classes will take your pizza making to the next level. Well worth the price.

  2. Daniel (verified owner)

    Scott’s knowledge on sourdough is incredible! His techniques on reheating his pizzas are also something I’d like to try.

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