Thoroughly enjoyed the Zoom class. Very informative and interesting info as I try to improve my pizza making skills. Keep up the great work!


I really enjoyed it! Noel’s way of explaining is amazing. It clears up a lot of things. I really like to meet people that enjoy their work and are passionate about it, and for sure, Noel is that type of person. And Justin too! I did the On Demand recorded classes. I suppose that the live experience must be different, but I liked a lot that I could do the class on my rhythm, put pause, go back and repeat some parts. I spend almost all weekend with the videos and making pizza. Thank you very much!


After a wonderful journey through all three courses, Begining, Intermediate, and Advanced, I know I am better for it. The instruction was entertaining and in-depth with examples and reassurance. If you learn nothing else, you will learn the importance of temperatures, which leads to amazing pizza and bread. I am grateful for Noel and Justin at Slow Rise Pizza Co. for your patience and humor. These classes are a must for the home cook, pizza hobbyist, pro cooks, and those looking to start a new journey. The topics covered will completely meet your expectations. The Intermediate and Advanced classes are so content-rich, you should take them more than once.

I look forward to learning more in the future. Cheers!


Who knew demystifyIng the pizza process could be this much fun?! Noel and Justin are just the right mix of good times and hard work leaving me with everything I need to better my pizza game while remembering what got me into it in the first place. 🙌


I have all the books and “bibles” on pizza, and I can confidently say that as an intermediate baker… I have never taken more notes.

There’s a saying that the wisest investment is wisdom, and Noel’s Slow Rise classes are full of them. I can’t wait to dig into the advance classes next!

John Roiniotis

Great class with a ton of knowledge and helpful advice on advancing bread/pizza knowledge. Noel’s great at explaining things fully and easily, and answers everyone’s questions. Can’t recommend the class enough!


This class was awesome. Even though the class is designed for beginners, I think pizza makers at all levels could benefit from taking this course. Noel is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in his process and instruction, and the tag team with Justin makes it easy to ask questions and get all the information you could ever need about making pizza. Taking this class has officially advanced my dough game to the next level and I look forward to signing up for the intermediate course in the near future!

Julio Elias

Since the beginning great atmosphere,

Thanks for everything you’re the best!!!!

Totally recommend for all ages !!! Super fun


This was a wonderful experience. I’m a home baker, but also with some professional cooking, baking, and food science experience, and I got a lot out of the class and my conversations with Noel. Skills in the class ranged from beginner to advanced, but everyone seemed to get something out of the course. Noel is willing to answer all your questions, you get to eat some wonderful food, and you even get to take some home! Would happily take the class again to learn more.


Cannot say enough great things about this experience! Noel was incredibly knowledgeable and taught us in a way that was easy to understand but also not a “short cut” – really delved into the ins and outs and time that needs to go into a good dough. Great value too, several hours, lots of pizza, and hands on instruction. Left with the skills and recipes to make some bomb za at home! Highly recommend (and great for all ages).