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Great course. New information, new tips. Would like to join another courses with slow rise pizza.


For anyone that wants to raise their pizza-making skills, this is for you. There is a class for every level, from the most basic to the most advanced. This is fun and, at the same time, will give you superpower skills over your family and friends. I have completed 5 classes, with each one progressively more difficult, and have upped my pizza-making game. Noel is amazing and explains everything on laymen’s terms. Participants range from professionals to casual pizza makers. I can’t wait for the next class, whatever it may be.


Fun On-Line Classes for learning how to make great pizza doughs! Noel and Justin excel at hand holding whilst wisking you down the Pizza highway in all the lanes – Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. Buckle up your seatbelt as there is no speed limit in the Advanced classes when they DIVE DEEP into High Hydration doughs! A must for pizza aficionados and those interested in creating awesome pizza doughs!


Amazing class. I grabbed a spot at an “Advanced 2” class w/ Noel & Stefano Tulipano. From the start, I was happy. Justin was a fantastic host, bringing high energy and was able to convey our questions with ease. Pay that man more. He’s worth it. Noel brought a wealth of information and translations to keep the American students on the same page with the Italian teacher. Noel was able to clearly and concisely stress points during the technique and process, and highlight the most important steps and characteristics to look for. Stefano was amazing. I truly appreciated his ability to answer our questions on modifications to his process, and share his experience with personalizing the formula. The highlight for me, was learning his methods for shaping the dough, from the pre-proofing stage to the final stretch. As I mentioned to Noel, I probably botched the entire recipe. I over mixed and over fermented the biga, flubbed the hydration percentage, and screwed up the ferment stages, but honestly, the end result was amazing. I think this formula and technique will be with me for years to come, and I look forward to making it my own. Fantastic experience. Will be back.


Do you want to elevate your craft with Pizza? The obvious answer is yes and what better place to do it with Slow Rise Pizza. Noel brings a vast knowledge of experience and shares his passion with all things Pizza and Bread. Justin makes it fun and you must be dialed into his frequency. I had so many unanswered questions and was hungry for answers. After taking the beginner class, I still wanted more and more. Noel not only answered my questions, he goes above and beyond to embed the necessary skills for artisan pizza making. If you’re contemplating taking these classes…don’t even blink! They’re building an incredible community and want you to succeed on your pizza/bread journey. Plus, they’ll make you laugh a lot!


All of the classes that I have taken have been very informative. Noel is full of great information and Justin keeps it fun and as an accomplished pizza maker himself.


Took the Intermediate Pizza class. Was very informative and had a great time.


First time attending slow rise pizza. Wonderful learning experience. Adam Kuban did an excellent job demonstrating the many different New York style pizzas. I’m definitely going to attend more Slow Rise classes. So much to learn!!!


Truly a fantastic class. So much knowledge communicated in a very comprehensible way. Highly recommend this class.