Intermediate Level 2: “Cheese Your Own Adventure” Online Pizza Class – A Virtual Tour, Tasting & Tribute to the Best of NY and Beyond



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On-Demand “Cheese Your Own Adventure” Online Pizza Class with OG Blogger Adam Kuban – A Virtual Tour, Tasting & Tribute to the Best of NY and Beyond – Intermediate Level 2

Adam Kuban, known the pizza world around for his insight into the New York Pizza scene and his knowledge of what separates the best of the best pizzas in NYC, will explore some of the most celebrated pizzerias in the US via their signature pizza pies and topping combos.

Adam will explain and demonstrate the different cheesing and saucing techniques of a handful of NYC/NJ pizzerias, showing how various preparations of both components yield remarkably distinctive results. It’s all informed, of course, by Adam’s nearly two decades chronicling pizza, first as New York’s original pizza blogger at Slice NY, then as the founding editor of Serious Eats.

The preparation needed for each pie progresses from easiest to more involved as we go down the list.

  • Plain pizza, standard (shredded mozzarella)

  • Plain pizza, upside-down (sliced mozzarella)

  • Di Fara-style (with semi-dried cherry tomatoes)

  • Joe & Pat’s style (with pepperoni)

  • Pizzeria Bianco ‘Rosa’ (Parmigiano-reggiano, sliced red onion, pistachio, rosemary)

  • Paulie Gee ‘Greenpointer’ (fresh mozzarella, arugula, lemon juice, Parmigiano-reggiano) 

  • Franny’s white clam pie

More from Adam in his own words:

“If you’re ready to go deep on classic sauce/cheese combos, and some iconic white pies, this is the class for you. To give you an overview of how things work, we will give you a dough recipe to make prior to watching the class, if you like. You’ll also get a prep list for cheeses, sauce, and ingredients that you’ll want to have prepped and ready to go as well.

When class starts, Slow Rise mastermind Noel Brohner will lead us through a “getting-to-know-you” dough-making session. (It’s a different dough from the pre-prepped dough, so that you have one more recipe in your toolbox, but it also gives us a chance to get to know one another a little bit.⠀

Then we’ll get to the “pizza party” portion of the class, where you’ll “cheese our own adventure.” You’ll have prepped a variety of cheeses in different ways, and we’ll make four different pies together, exploring how different cheese and sauce preparations yield remarkably distinctive results. You can make these as plain cheese pizzas or add different easy-to-prep toppings, for variety’s sake. We suggest toppings, but you can mix-and-match or bring your own favorites to the table. (I won’t be making a sausage, green pepper, onion pie like this one, but there’s no stopping YOU from doing so!)⠀

From there, we take a little detour into white pie territory (non-tomato-sauce), exploring hit pizzas a la Paulie Gee’s (various locations), Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix), and the now-defunct-but-much-beloved Franny’s (Brooklyn). Throughout the pizza party portion, we make, bake, gab, and gobble. Hope to see you in class! Until then, #hastalapizza 😊🍕✌🏻”⠀


“If you know Adam L. Kuban from anything, it’s probably from Slice, A Hamburger Today, and/or Serious Eats. Adam founded Slice in 2003 to document his own exploration of the NYC pizza scene and to help others find their own path to perfect pizza. In 2005 he co-founded A Hamburger Today. Both were enormously influential and served as templates for food-blogging in general. In late 2006 the as-yet-unlaunched food website Serious Eats bought both those sites from Adam and brought him on board to serve as SE‘s founding editor, a position he held until early 2011. During that time he created the voice and tone of the site and helped guide it to two James Beard Awards in 2010.”

Noel and Adam have known each other since the very beginning of Noel’s pizza career, and Noel has been trying to convince Adam to co-teach #ZoomPizzaClasses with him for almost as long. This is a recording of the first online class that Noel and Adam taught together but the second class released on-demand: Bar-Style Pizza, a run away success both as #ZoomPizzaCollabs and on-demand classes go.  

Here are a few links for those of you who may not be as familiar with Adam the rest of the OG dough dorks and pizza nerds:


Noel Brohner is a Los Angeles based pizza consultant who offers both Live Zoom and Video On-Demand online pizza classes for professionals and home bakers alike. These online pizza classes will allow you to progress to Neapolitan, New York Pizza, Detroit-Style Pizza, and even Sourdough and high hydration pizzas.

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