Intermediate Level 2: Argentine Pan Pizza al Molde in a Home Gas Oven Online Pizza Class



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On-Demand Argentine-Style Pan Pizza “Al Molde” with Chef Roberto Petersen from Buenos Aires – Intermediate Level 2

Pizza maker, celebrity chef, and international TV personality Roberto Petersen teaches the Slow Rise community how to make some of his favorite dishes in this on-demand pizza making class…all in English:

  • Argentinian Pizza “al Molde” (Pan Pizza)
  • Fugazzeta (Stuffed Pizza with Onions & Olives)
  • Chickpea Faina (aka torta di ceci, socca, etc)
  • Hand Cut Fried Beef Empanadas
  • and more…


Argentinians take their pizza seriously. Buenos Aires’ robust pizza scene—which, like New York City’s, is a product of Italian immigration—is often considered one of the best in the world. In this class, award winning Argentinian chef and pizza maker Roberto Petersen teaches some delicious pan styles, including a mouth watering onion pizza stuffed with cheese (Fugazzetta) and another Pizza al Molde featuring anchovies, capers, and tomatoes. Of course, we’ll be making some beef empanadas and a relatively unknown local treat—Faina. 

Noel met Roberto when he attended all three of our introductory pizza making courses and was thrilled to see such an accomplished pizza maker joining Slow Rise Pizza to improve his dough skills. Roberto is a household name in Latin America and hosts multiple television shows, including the Martín Fierro award winning show “Los Petersen.” 

Los Angeles’ own Chef Jeffrey Merrihue wrote a short but excellent book on pizza and had this to say about Buenos Aires, which Merrihue calls the “second center” of pizza after Naples Italy:

Most pizza lovers think pizza went straight from Naples to New York and are unaware of the pizza capital of Latin America that predated the New York revolution. In Buenos Aires you will find supremely high quality pizza with a distinct personality, as well as the mighty fugazzeta which should be enshrined as an UNESCO treasure.  

The first recorded pizza was seven years before the invention of the Margherita in Naples by a Neapolitan baker Nicolas who sold a simple recipe of dough, garlic, olive oil and onion from a rented oven on the streets in “La Boca” neighborhood in 1882.  

Agustin Banchero then created the legendary cheesy “Fugazzeta” in his bakery Riachuelo (1889). His son Juan then founded Banchero (1932). His contribution of Fugazetta to Pizzadom is truly epic. It is a deep dish of onions, mozzarella, black pepper and olive oil. Las Cuartetas (1936) is also famous locally for the Pizza Salvatore made with mozzarella and anchovies. Since then Las Quartetas and other famous pizzerias like Guerrin (1932) and El Cuartito(1934) have served these regional specialties to an adoring Buenos Aires. The best Fugazetta is served at La Mezzetta(1939)–make sure to order it with the edible chickpea plates [called Faina] that slide under or on top of the slice and which you will see nowhere else.

Here’s some more info on Roberto from El Gourmet TV, which we translated to English from

“Born in Buenos Aires in 1968, Roberto started in the kitchen with his maternal grandmother. From a very young age he collaborated in his mother’s restaurant in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, where he took his first steps as a kitchen assistant. Roberto studied biochemistry at the University of Buenos Aires. However, he dedicated himself fully to gastronomy, studying at the best schools in the country and then perfecting his skills at important schools around the world. In 1993 he won the annual award for the best Argentine chef, together with his brother Christian, with whom he later won the first three prizes in the Chilean masters tournament.  

He is currently a member of the Academie Culinaire de France, and of the Academia Nacional Bocuse d’Or Argentina. Founder of Los Petersen Cocineros, together with his brother, he has been dedicated to haute cuisine in Argentina for more than 25 years. The three areas in which he works are: restaurant, catering, and TV shows. Within the catering sector, he handles corporate and private events providing high quality service. Roberto Petersen has made his name synonymous with good cuisine, and today he is part of the network together with his brother Christian in the program “Los auténticos Petersen.”

Noel Brohner is a Los Angeles based pizza consultant who offers both Live Zoom and Video On-Demand online pizza classes for professionals and home bakers alike. These online pizza classes will allow you to progress to Neapolitan, New York Pizza, Detroit-Style Pizza, and even Sourdough and high hydration pizzas.

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